The Barbados


Spoilt for choice.

The food is one of The Great House’s greatest pleasures, with breakfast including everything from fresh fruit and pancakes, to smoked salmon and bacon and local fresh eggs any way at all. Lunch and dinner presents an ever-changing array of freshly cooked dishes, with desserts and cheeses, not forgetting the lauded Great House brownies

Throughout the day, there are refreshing snacks of ice-creams in homemade cones, sorbets, cookies, cheese straws and marinated olives.  Afternoon tea is not to be missed! 

Local ingredients are sourced wherever possible, locally caught fish, lobster and seasonal tropical fruit and vegetables. West Indian recipes are adapted and classical dishes given a Barbadian twist. Resulting in a culinary experience that combines the flavour of Barbados with the best of the world.

A high level of in house nutritional expertise ensures that all dietary needs are correctly met.