The Barbados


The gardens are one of the great delights of The Great House.

Standing in approximately one and a half acres of lush tropical gardens. Lovingly tended by two full-time gardeners, they are considered to be one of the finest gardens on the island. Mature coconut palms cast dappled shade on the lawns, dense plantings and two fish ponds filled with water lilies. The air is perfumed with the scent of Frangipani and, at dusk, the all prevailing fragrance of the Lady of the Night. 

Clinging to the branches and trunks of the trees are the jewel-like colours of tree orchids. The vivid shades of bougainvillea, heliconias and ginger lilies dazzle the eye.

The garden is very much a part of The Great House experience where the boundary between indoors and outdoors melts away. Flowers from the garden are brought into the house to complement a year-round display of white orchids. The gardens also produce their own harvest of limes, bread fruit, bananas and herbs, put to good use in the kitchen.